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Southern Corsica

Discover the micro regions of Southern Corsica !

Discover the splendor of southern Corsica


The regions of Southern Corsica !


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Discover the splendor of southern Corsica

There are places where we believe we are at the end of the world, but we have not even crossed our borders. There are magical places where the water is so pure and the sky so blue that ending your vacation becomes heartbreaking for the whole family. There are peoples whose culture and hospitality are legendary, and in themselves an invitation to travel.

Southern Corsica is all that, an unforgettable destination between deep blue crystal clear waters and green mountains, in the heart of the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean: Corsica.

Southern Corsica, the closest to the distant islands

To say that Corsica is reminiscent of a distant island is not a simple tourist guide formula, it is a reality. The richness of its landscapes, and their great diversity, give any traveler a real impression of a change of scenery and escape, carried by its own culture and a true identity which make up all the strength and authenticity of the island of Beauty. To visit Corsica is to visit France while being elsewhere at the same time, letting yourself be lulled by a language full of nobility which is their own and which they still use with pride.

Southern Corsica: a legendary land with easy access

To discover the splendors of Southern Corsica, tourists have two options for coming there: arriving by sea or by air.

By plane, South Corsica has two airports, in Ajaccio and Figari. In season, there are several daily flights connecting the island to the mainland, but also to several major European cities.

In 1 hour 30 minutes of flight, the change of scenery is complete from Paris to discover, summer and winter, incredible light and an exceptional sweetness of life. Arriving by plane has the advantage of ease, but it is then strongly advised to rent a car to visit the most beautiful sites in southern Corsica.

By boat, arriving in the early morning in the ports of Ajaccio, Porto-Vecchio, Propriano or Bonifacio can be magical, when daylight begins to appear and illuminate the Corsican coasts by wrapping them in pastel shades. .

Several night or day crossings exist between the continent, notably from Marseille, Toulon or Nice.

Several ferry lines also connect the south of Corsica to Sardinia, or to the Italian coasts (Naples, Citavecchia near Rome), ultimately reflecting the close link between Corsica, the continent and nearby Italy.

Taking the ferry is therefore the ideal solution for visitors wanting to take advantage of their car or camper van to travel around the South of Corsica and be charmed by its beautiful landscapes.

The South of Corsica for a total change of scenery

Southern Corsica is renowned throughout the world for its exceptional panoramas, with some unique sites classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Calanques of Piana, the Scandola Nature Reserve and its dolphins, and the Gulf of Porto and Girolata.

Those are panoramas of great beauty, where the earth and the sea come together in a mixture of warm colors which alone symbolize all the Corsican generosity: the yellow of the sun, the dazzling blue of the sea, the red of the rocks decline a kaleidoscope of colors which leaves speechless.

Any vacationer who has already spent his stay in Southern Corsica cannot forget the color of the water with its turquoise gradients, and its legendary transparency, both of which give a foretaste of tropical beaches and the South Seas. It is ideal for family holidays, as most of these heavenly beaches are sheltered from the wind and waves, with a gentle and slow slope, allowing young children to swim while their parents look on.

There is something for everyone, from small isolated coves to feel alone, to developed beaches where you can safely practice different water sports, such as windsurfing, jet skiing or a little family fun. pedalo.

But Southern Corsica is much more than heavenly beaches, it is a rare natural heritage, between sea and mountains, with lakes, forests, waterfalls, nature reserves: lovers of hiking, pure air and nature will be delighted. Corsica is still one of those rare places in the world where residents and professionals alike try as much as possible to preserve their natural heritage and enhance it. Camping in Southern Corsica thus allows you to perfectly commune with this environment of great beauty.

A holiday destination for families or friends, South Corsica

With the richness of its landscapes and the diversity of its attractions, Southern Corsica is ideal for family holidays. You can alternate between blond sand beaches bordering a blue-silver sea, and natural swimming pools dug into the rock, at the foot of invigorating waterfalls and lush greenery.

If you wish, you can also go for a walk in the forest to collect chestnuts, go for a wild mountain bike race in magical landscapes or even take a sea excursion to see the dolphins.

The more sporty, in couples or with friends, can alternate between water sports and climbing, cycling or hiking.

The most beautiful panoramas of Corsica are yours

Southern Corsica like Northern Corsica will also delight canyoning enthusiasts, with some unmissable sites, known as the most spectacular in Europe, such as the Richiusa Canyon in Bocognano, the Zoicu Canyon in Soccia or the picturesque Needles of Bavella.

It is by moving away from the coasts that you can also discover what makes up Corsican identity, with its different local productions.

From the Corsican shepherd to the semi-free breeding of pigs, the South of the Isle of Beauty maintains a deep and ancestral link with agriculture and the work of the land, with the desire to develop it, while preserving the richness and beauty of this natural heritage.

If the Corsican days are bewitching, between sun, turquoise sea and green forests, the evening and the night can be just as much.

With friends or family, you will enjoy exploring all the Corsican gastronomic wealth, with delicious local products, each producer Corsican, careful to preserve the quality and authenticity of its work: it is impossible not to taste the Corsican charcuterie, accompanied by a Corsican AOC wine, and to finish the meal with a delicious and creamy fiadone.

Night owls will always find the possibility of partying until the middle of the night, whether at music festivals or in discotheques, sometimes on the edge of the beach. How can you not let yourself be seduced by Corsican polyphonic songs, before moving on to wild rock or electronic music ? Because that is ultimately what Southern Corsica is: a strong culture, which opens up to others and welcomes them, always proudly combining a form of modernity and tradition.

Rest assured, there is always a good reason to love South Corsica and to come back year after year on camping holidays!