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The wonders of Cargèse !

Destination South Corsica: Spend a camping holiday in Cargèse

Make a stopover in the most Greek town in Corsica ! From its history, we can say that Cargèse is a Corsican city created by the Greeks ! And know it, Corsicans and Greeks live in perfect harmony today, offering a mixed culture, a historical heritage to discover during your camping stay in southern Corsica in Cargèse !

For a successful stay in South Corsica in Cargèse

Between small hotels, residences and campsites, Cargèse has numerous tourist accommodations to welcome you in complete comfort and according to your wishes. For a free holiday, don’t hesitate to pitch your tent or park your camper van in one of our quality campsites. The Cargèse campsites offer pitches and accommodation with all the leisure equipment and facilities: swimming pool, water park, workshops and children’s clubs, to meet the desires of all families.

Camping holidays on the west coast of Corsica

To head towards Cargèse, from Ajaccio, it is after a few turns in the mountains that you will arrive at this ancient Greek city, perched on the west coast of Corsica overlooking the Gulf of Sagone. This village located between Porto and Ajaccio generously delivers its cultural beauties. For centuries, its historical heritage has reminded us of its history, the arrival of the Greek colonies which were established very close to the village in Paomia (in the 17th century). You will recognize its architectural diversity, notably by its large Greek church and its Latin church in neoclassical and baroque styles.

Cargèse is a tourist place in Southern Corsica and is also very popular with travelers and families for its sublime beaches both for their tranquility and for their beautiful maritime views: take a break on the beaches of Cargèse: Péru beach, Chuini, Stagnoli and Mesasina. If you are looking to stay in a seaside campsite a few steps from the crystal clear sea, we invite you to discover our selection of South Corsica campsites.

Between town and gardens, fishing ports, hiking trails in the Corsican maquis or towards the seaside, Cargèse is the invitation to busy vacation days. To respect your vacation budget, consult our partner Promo Camping Corsica, it offers interesting promotions throughout the year for your camping stays.

Camping Cargèse: Culture, Nature and Pleasure

Welcome to Cargèse campsite, a unique destination in Southern Corsica which harmoniously combines Greek heritage with Corsican charm. Let yourself be seduced by the cultural and natural treasures of this city while enjoying the comfort and freedom offered by our campsites. We invite you to explore the beauty of Cargèse and to consider an unforgettable stay at the Cargèse campsite in the heart of the west coast of Corsica.

Opt for a stay at a Cargèse campsite

Prepare for an unforgettable getaway in the most Greek city of Corsica: Cargèse. Her fascinating story reveals that this charming Corsican city was founded by the Greeks.


Today, Corsicans and Greeks live in perfect harmony, creating a rich mixed culture and historical heritage to explore during your Corsican camping stay in Cargèse. Discover a place where past and present blend harmoniously, offering a unique experience of its kind.

Camping Cargèse: Accommodation for All Tastes

In Cargèse, you will find a variety of tourism circuits to guarantee the success of your stay in Southern Corsica. Of the charm of wooden bungalows to the comforts of mobile homes, Cargèse offers a range of options to satisfy all holidaymakers.

If you are looking for freedom camping in the great outdoorsIf you are looking for freedom camping in the great outdoors Whether you prefer to place your camping tent or park your motorhome or caravan, our quality campsites offer spacious campsites with all the equipment and facilities necessary for a memorable stay in a natural and friendly and warm setting.

Enjoy refreshing swimming pools, water parks, camping clubs for teenagers and playgrounds for children to satisfy the desires of the whole family. for children to satisfy the desires of the whole family. spend a tailor-made vacation or weekend.

Camping Holidays on the West Coast of Corsica: Discover Cargèse

Embark on a journey to Cargèse from Ajaccio, a journey that will take you through winding mountain bends to reach this ancient Greek city perched on the west coast of Corsica, offering breathtaking views of the Gulf of Sagone.

Cargèse, nestled between Porto and Ajaccio, generously reveals its rich cultural heritage. For centuries, its history is marked by the arrival of Greek colonies in the 17th century, leaving a unique architectural imprint.

Cargèse is a popular tourist destination in Southern Corsica, attracting travelers and families for its fine sandy beaches, recognized as much for their tranquility as for their maritime views breathtaking. Enjoy a well-deserved break on beautiful beaches of Cargèse. If you are looking for a Corsican sea campsite, a few steps from the crystal clear sea, discover our selection of Cargèse campsites.

Cargèse, Between City and Nature: A Rich Program

When you choose Cargèse as your vacation destination, you opt for an experience rich in discoveries and entertainment. This charming Corsican town, ideally located between the city and the nature, offers a complete family vacation program that will please all campers.

The Discovery of the City and Its Gardens

Cargèse is a city that breathes history and culture. Browse his picturesque streets, soak up its friendly atmosphere and discover its rich heritage. Visit its churches, including the large Greek church and Latin church in neoclassical and baroque style, witnesses of the Greek heritage which continues in perfect harmony with Corsican culture.

Explore the gardens of Cargèse, true oases of greenery where you can relax and recharge your batteries in a green setting while admiring the beauty of Mediterranean nature. These gardens provide a calming ambiance with the historic character of the city, creating a harmonious balance.

Exploring Fishing Ports

The fishing ports of Cargèse are a spectacle not to be missed. Stroll along the seafront, observe the local fishermen at work and soak up the authentic atmosphere of the Corsican ports. You can taste the fresh seafood, offering an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Hikes through the Corsican Maquis and the Coast

The surrounding nature of Cargèse is a paradise for hiking lovers. Browse the paths of the Corsican maquis, impregnated with the captivating scents of Mediterranean plants. The surrounding mountains offer spectacular panoramas of the coast and the sea.

Don’t forget to hike along the coastline to enjoy the picturesque beaches of Cargèse. The beaches of Peru, Chuini, Stagnoli and Mesasina are ideal relaxing places to bask in the sun and bathe in crystal clear waters.

A Variety of Activities for All Tastes

Whether you are drawn to history, nature, culture or gastronomy, Cargèse has something to offer every camper. Participate in Cultural visits to learn more about the city’s fascinating history. Practice snorkeling to explore the seabed of the Scandola nature reserve. Savor Corsican wines, authentic cheeses and traditional Corsican dishes in local restaurants.

Make the most of many activities sporting and cultural. Whether you prefer cultural exploration, relaxation in nature or outdoor adventures, Cargèse has everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.

So, get ready to experience busy days in Cargèse, between discovering the city, exploring nature and tasting Corsican cuisine. Your trip promises to be a complete experience that will leave you with lasting memories of this magnificent part of Corsica.

Camping Cargèse: Book Early, Save Big

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