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The most beautiful beaches in Corsica

Discover the most beautiful beaches of Corsica... Some beaches in southern Corsica are among the most beautiful in Europe: white sand, turquoise waters, green environment or even secret coves... no need to go to the other side of the world ! Visit the 10 most beautiful beaches in southern Corsica.

Southern Corsica from Porto-Vecchio to Bonifacio offers banks of fine sand towards a Mediterranean Sea with transparent waters where all the reflections of blue shine under the sun to absolutely discover during your camping holiday. Across all the regions and the most beautiful places from the south to the north of Corsica, the most beautiful beaches are available to you, as are the wild coves and islands bordering the entire coastline.

Direction to the south of Piana, in the magnificent Gulf of Porto, Arone beach is located 12 km from the village of Piana. You will already be amazed by the beauty of the views throughout your journey along the coastal road between Porto and Ajaccio.ge de Piana. Due to the panorama it offers at the edges of the red cliffs and the Corsican mountains, its wide bank of fine sand of around 700 meters and its clear waters, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica. You will enjoy a sublime view of Capo Rosso. Like all beaches in Corsica, restaurants and bars line the beach.

For a tour of the beaches of the West Coast in the far south of the island

For moments of relaxation and water activities, head towards the beaches of Tonnara and Stagnolu a few kilometers from Bonifacio in the Gulf of Ventilègne. From Tonnara beach, enjoy the splendid view towards the islands of the same name. Fairly deserted, classified as natural areas, they form an archipelago of Stagnolu Bay. They are part of the Bonifacio nature reserve. Walk along the seaside path on the left, you will find several small coves for swimming in peace. A few steps away you will arrive at Stagnolu beach. If you follow the path to the left, you can go all the way around Capo di Feno, pass by Paragan beach and reach Bonifacio by the seaside. Very close to Bonifacio, below the Pertusato lighthouse, Saint Antoine beach is accessible from the car park near the semaphore.

Camping holidays in Propriano, the magnificent bay of Campomoro

About ten kilometers away on the south coast of the Gulf of Valinco, discover the fishing port and the beautiful fine sand beach supervised in summer. South of Propriano, 45 minutes away, on the road to Bonifacio, lay your towel on the warm sand of Roccapina beach.

Discover our Top 5 of the most beautiful beaches in France in Southern Corsica

Paradise on earth can be found in Corsica with all its sublime beaches whose colors between white sand and turquoise water and vegetation form a harmony of exceptional beauty. They have nothing to envy of the beaches of the Caribbean. Surrounded by mountains and islands, the view they offer to your eyes makes them the most beautiful places to spend a relaxing and sporting holiday in Southern Corsica. From the developed paths, on foot or by bike, not far from the campsites you can quickly put down your parasol. The beaches of Corsica are very popular for their beautiful environment, their tranquility but above all their gentle slopes ideal for families.

For all leisure desires, lovers of water activities will have the joy of pedaling or learning to jet ski. Sports diving enthusiasts will not miss out on boat excursions to explore the marine wealth.

Often classified as the most beautiful beaches in France and among the most beautiful in Europe, such as Rondinara beach between Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio. Sainte Giula beach is a corner of paradise, like a postcard with its translucent colors, fine sand and shallow turquoise waters dotted with colonies of pebbles. Palombaggia Beach is ranked in the top 5 of our heavenly fine sandy beaches in Corsica with its borders of umbrella pines. But its fame also makes it a very popular beach.

A beach in southern Corsica in the heart of the UNESCO sanctuary

Arone Beach

Arone beach is located in the famous Calanches de Piana. It offers views of Capo Rosso and the Gulf of Porto.

The beaches of Corsica, in the far south of the Isle of Beauty

Stagnolu Beach

Stagnolu beach is 10 minutes from Tunara beach, in the Gulf of Ventilegne, near the port of Tonnara.

Saint-Antoine beach

Saint-Antoine beach is not the best known but is very impressive. It is located below the Pertusato lighthouse, in the extreme south of the island, next to Bonifacio.nte.

The beaches of the Valinco valley

Campomoro Beach

Campomoro Beach is located in the center of the resort, on the southern coast of the Gulf of Valinco.

Roccapina Beach

400m long, the beach is at the foot of the lion-shaped rock formation of Roccapina. Visitors can enjoy views of the rock formations and its white sand and turquoise waters.

The heavenly beaches of Corsica

Grand Sperone Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, with its fine white sand and its view of the Lavezzi Islands.

Rondinara Beach

Ranked on numerous occasions as “the most beautiful beach in France”, and among the most beautiful in Europe, Rondinara beach has nothing to envy of those in the Caribbean.

Santa Giulia Beach

Santa Giulia beach looks like a postcard: fine sand for several kilometers, turquoise water, at the foot of a mountain.

Palombaggia beach

It is one of the top 5 most beautiful beaches in Corsica, with its 1.5km long cove of fine sand and turquoise water.

Saint-Cyprien beach

Saint-Cyprien beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Corsica, which extends for several kilometers. The southern part is monitored in July and August.