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The lakes of southern Corsica

The most beautiful lakes in Corsica

They are the jewels of Corsica, the lakes located inland offer dazzling and unforgettable rejuvenating moments in the heart of the most beautiful regions and valleys of the island of beauty.
Well equipped, head off to the hiking trails and mountains to discover them.

If you have chosen Corsica and Southern Corsica for your freedom vacation, you have chosen to spend a stay by the sea as well as in the mountains. If you had to bring sunscreen and swimsuit in your suitcase, also think about hiking shoes, because the Corsican hinterland is majestic to see with its high valleys, its famous mountains, its waterfalls and its lakes . The most beautiful panoramas are yours for a multitude of leisure activities !

Well equipped, as a family, through the marked trails, set off into wild and authentic Corsica to discover the most beautiful jewels of the region: the lakes of Corsica.

In summer, it is indeed a leisure activity popular with tourists: immersing yourself in the magnificent landscapes to find fulfillment in the shade of the Corsican pines bordering the natural bodies of water. Although the effort at altitude is often significant to reach them, it is well worth the detour because the magic that the Corsican lakes offer amaze all eyes.

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Corsica, the island of lakes on GR20 routes

In the heart of the Rotondo, Mont Cinto and Mont Renoso mountains, Corsican lakes are often located on the routes or near the famous GR 20. To quote only those : Nino’s lake surrounded by pozzines accessible by the Col de Vergio in the Restonica valley, Lake Mélo, the most famous and busiest near Corte, Lake Creno to the unique larici pines from the village of Soccia.

For hiking experts, there is a longer hike to reach Lake Creno from the village of Ortu for 3 hours return. Legend has it that Lake Creno was born from a hammer blow given by the devil, but know that its origin is quite simply linked to the digging of ancient glaciers like most of the lakes of Corsica.

Lake Tolla: 30 minutes from Ajaccio

Go for a panoramic stroll towards Lake Tolla, 30 minutes from Ajaccio. Take the direction of Porticcio and Cauro towards the Prunelli Gorges, the road is difficult but the landscape offered is a real reward. Along the way, several attractions await you for a nature break such as the Genoese Bridge a few kilometers from Cauro. You can also make a stop in the heart of the Prunelli Gorges. Further on, the lake offers an impressive view.

Creno Lake

Creno Lake

It is the only forested lake on the island, surrounded by laricio pines. Much of the lake is covered by water lilies. It is located at an altitude of 1,310m.


Lake Tolla

Lake Tolla