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The most beautiful regions of Southern Corsica

Find out everything about the most beautiful regions of southern Corsica !
Set off to discover the must-see places to visit during your vacation in Southern Corsica.

Land of contrast and colors, Southern Corsica is a subtle blend of sea and mountains, which offers breathtaking panoramas including several UNESCO heritage sites.

If you don’t have a vehicle, you absolutely must rent a car for a few days, so as not to miss the must-see attractions !

West Coast, when the land falls steeply into the sea

As an extension of the Gulf of Sagone are the most magical places in Corsica, with the Scandola reserve, classified by UNESCO, and the Calanques de Piana.

What more beautiful place to symbolize the alliance between the sea and the mountains, with these cliffs which fall into the blue of the Mediterranean, in a gradient of beautiful reds. A boat trip at sunset, at aperitif time, is an unforgettable moment where you sometimes have the chance to be accompanied by a few dolphins. Rocks are omnipresent in the region, like the famous rock ready to fall in Ota (Porto), a wild and charming place for camping.

Diving enthusiasts can explore the Gulf of Sagone, where there is an incredible Canadair wreck, while lovers of wild coves will venture into the Gulf of Lava, to admire multicolored sponges or magnificent gorgonians.

Ajaccio and the surrounding area, the soul of Southern Corsica

Impossible to visit the South of Corsica without passing through its “capital”: Ajaccio is often the entry point, whether you arrive by plane via Napoleon-Bonaparte airport or by boat.

It’s hard not to be charmed by the city’s Genoese influences, with its citadel and its colorful facades.

On the sea side, you should not miss the Sanguinaires Islands, whose purple reflection is reflected in the blue of the crystal clear waters.

Nearby, the Porticcio region is a pleasant vacation spot, with beautiful beaches bordering warm, crystal clear water.

On the mountain side, nature lovers will not miss the Prunelli and Gravona Valleys, famous for their waterfalls, including the highest on the island, the Bridal Veil waterfall.

It is also in this region that the traditional Chestnut Festival takes place every winter, one of the gourmet symbols of the Island. Because visiting Southern Corsica without succumbing to its culinary specialties is simply unthinkable !

Grand Valinco, between sea and history

Located at the southern end of Istria, the Vaddincu region is organized around the Gulf of Propriano, an ideal region for family holidays by the sea. Crystal clear water with turquoise reflections, long beaches of white sand, water in summer with temperatures worthy of the tropics… the place is perfect for a sporting or relaxing holiday.

But the region is also ideal for combining sea and culture, because it is rich in archaeological sites.

Filitosa takes us back to the first prehistoric settlements of the Isle of Beauty, while the thermal baths of Baracci will remind us that the place was already appreciated in Antiquity.

But the most mysterious probably remains the Cauria Plateau, with the Turkish Cemetery, one of the three sites of menhirs and dolmens in the region, the most famous of which is La Forge du Diable.

For travelers in search of authenticity, the picturesque village of Belvédère-Campomoro will help them discover the Corsican soul, a link between land and sea: the historic heart dominates the Gulf of Propriano at an altitude of 220 m, while its lower port still welcomes a few fishing boats.

Several hiking trails leave from Belvédère, and all around Sartène: it is an ideal camping spot to get away from the coast a little.

South Corsica, among the most beautiful beaches of Southern Corsica

From Bonifaccio to Porto-Vecchio via the Gulf of Santa-Giulia, the Côte des Nâcres will make you discover some of the most beautiful beaches of the island of beauty, such as the extremely famous Palombaggia Beach with its dazzling white sand, its orange-red rocks and the incredible blue of the sea. Paradise beaches, granite islets, small secret coves follow one another over around fifty kilometers, offering magnificent places for swimming or camping.

To complete these postcard images, an excursion to the Lavezzi Islands is essential: easily accessible by boat from Bonifacio, they reveal to visitors beautiful coves and protected wildlife.

This exceptional coastline should not make you forget the surroundings, such as the Aiguilles de Bavella. They offer easy hiking trails, while the more experienced will enjoy one of the most beautiful canyoning sites in Europe, in a breathtaking landscape.

With these superb regions, Southern Corsica is a land of welcome and generosity, ready to welcome you camping for the holidays !

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