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Located at the extreme south of the “Island of Beauty”, the town of Bonifacio is a must-see among the most beautiful places in Corsica. It’s famous for its limestone cliffs from which, in clear weather, you can see the coast of Sardinia, just 14km away. You will also enjoy walking around its harbor or wandering through the narrow streets of the old town. Taking the rampart path, you will discover the medieval soul deep within the town’s fortifications. For more exploration, visit the King of Aragon’s stairs, carved directly into the rock, placing you right at the heart of the cliff. The landscapes and views here are truly breathtaking.

Bonifacio, a fairy-tale jewel in Southern Corsica

The enchanting landscape of Southern Corsica leads us today to the discovery of one of its most emblematic cities: Bonifacio. Perched on a cliff of white limestone, this medieval city seems to watch over the Mediterranean Sea, offering an unforgettable natural and architectural spectacle.

Bonifacio, the extreme south of Southern Corsica

Bonifacio, located at the extreme south of Southern Corsica, is a unique city. Its particular location, on a limestone promontory overlooking the sea, gives it both a majestic and mysterious atmosphere. The dizzying cliffs that frame the city are as many promises of adventures and discoveries.

The old town: a dive into history

The historical heart of Bonifacio, sometimes nicknamed the Upper Town, is a true architectural gem. Between its paved streets, its tightly interlocking white houses, and its impregnable citadel, the old town narrates the centuries of history of this Corsican city. History enthusiasts will discover traces of the city’s Genoese past, especially through the imposing Etendard tower.

The port of Bonifacio: the charm of Southern Corsica

The port of Bonifacio, nestled at the end of a natural fjord, is a real postcard scene. With its luxury yachts, its lively terraces and its colorful facades, the port offers a more modern and lively vision of Bonifacio. A meeting place for boaters, it is also the starting point for sea excursions to the Lavezzi islands.

The beaches of Bonifacio: hidden jewels of Southern Corsica

Bonifacio is not only famous for its history and architecture but also for its paradisiacal beaches. Widely distributed around the city, these beaches with fine sand, turquoise and crystal-clear waters, offer idyllic settings for relaxing. Petit Spérone beach, for example, is often cited as one of the most beautiful in Southern Corsica. Its transparent water, rich marine fauna, and tranquility make it a real haven of peace. From Paraguan beach to Cala Longa beach, each beach in Bonifacio offers a unique experience for nature and leisure lovers.

The cliffs of Bonifacio: a striking natural spectacle

Nature has worked wonders in Bonifacio. The white limestone cliffs bordering the city are one of the most iconic landscapes in Southern Corsica. These natural formations offer spectacular viewpoints, especially during sunsets, when the limestone takes on golden hues. The view from the cliff path is a must during a visit to Bonifacio.

With its exceptional location, rich historical heritage, and Mediterranean ambiance, Bonifacio is a must-see destination for all those visiting Southern Corsica. Each of its alleys, each of its cliffs tells a story, invites discovery. Bonifacio is not just a city, it is a book of stories, a living painting, a symphony of colors and sensations.