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The beach of Rondinara

Rondinara Beach

Rondinara Beach – Ranked many times as “the most beautiful beach in France”, and among the most beautiful on a European scale, Rondinara beach has nothing to envy to those of the Caribbean. White sand, turquoise water, green environment, the site is almost untouched by any development. The bay is almost closed on both sides by the advances of land. The sea is gently sloping, which is favorable for families. Rondinara is accessible via the N198 halfway between Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio

The beach of Rondinara: A Haven of Serenity in Southern Corsica

Southern Corsica is renowned for its stunning landscapes and paradisiacal beaches, and the Beach of Rondinara is no exception. Situated between Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio, this secluded beach offers a preserved natural setting and a peaceful atmosphere for travelers seeking relaxation. Join us in discovering the charms of the Beach of Rondinara, a hidden gem in Southern Corsica that should not be missed.

An Enchanting and Preserved Setting:

Located in a crescent-shaped bay, the Beach of Rondinara is a haven of peace in Southern Corsica. Bordered by fine golden sand and crystal-clear waters in shades of blue and green, the beach is surrounded by verdant hills and granite rocks that add to its exceptional natural beauty.

Abundance of Flora and Fauna:

The Beach of Rondinara is a sanctuary for local biodiversity. Its seabed hosts a multitude of fish and invertebrate species, providing a fascinating spectacle for snorkeling enthusiasts. The beach and its surroundings are also a haven for numerous species of birds and endemic plants, making Rondinara a privileged destination for nature lovers and discovery seekers.

Activities to Enjoy at the Beach of Rondinara:

In addition to swimming and relaxation, the Beach of Rondinara offers numerous possibilities for adventure seekers. The hiking trails that wind through the surrounding hills allow exploration of Southern Corsica’s wild and preserved landscapes, while enjoying breathtaking views of the sea. The calm and crystal-clear waters are also ideal for kayaking, sailing, or paddleboarding, for moments of sharing and relaxation with family or friends.

Exploration of the Surroundings of the Beach of Rondinara:

The Beach of Rondinara is also an ideal starting point for discovering the treasures of the region. The towns of Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio, located nearby, offer a rich historical and cultural heritage, with their cobbled streets, ports, and fortifications. Iconic natural sites such as the Lavezzi Islands or the Calanques de Piana are also within reach, for a variety of pleasures during your stay in Southern Corsica.

The Beach of Rondinara is a true haven of serenity in Southern Corsica, offering an idyllic setting for travelers seeking tranquility and a change of scenery. Between swimming in the crystal-clear waters, hiking in the wild landscapes, and exploring the surroundings, Rondinara will seduce you with its preserved beauty and soothing atmosphere. An essential destination for all nature and exceptional landscape lovers.