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The Village of Piana

Piana, on the heights of the Calanques

Piana is one of the most beautiful villages on the island, in the heart of the Calanques, classified by UNESCO. The color of the volcanic red rocks offers a striking contrast with the turquoise water of the sea and the green of the maquis. The site is home to flora and fauna, many species of which are protected: osprey, moray eels, etc.

Due to its exceptional rock formation, rocks have been given names: the Fortified Castle, the Head of the Dog or even the Lovers of the Calanques, the most famous site with a heart carved into the rock.

The road from Piana to Porto is one of the most beautiful on the island as it overlooks the gulf and the creeks. A land of hikers, the site is crossed by hiking trails such as the old mule track between Porto/Ota and Piana.

Perched between sea and mountains, the village of Piana, in Corsica, is a gem of the Mediterranean. Ranked among “The Most Beautiful Villages of France,” Piana is an essential stop for anyone visiting Corsica.

Corsica is known for its varied and wild landscapes, and Piana is no exception to this rule. Located on the west coast of the island, this picturesque village offers stunning views of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Gulf of Porto. Its privileged location between sea and mountains makes Piana a true jewel of Corsica.

One of the major attractions of Piana are its famous Calanques, a set of rocky formations stretching over 5 kilometers along the coast. These pink granite rocks, shaped by erosion, stand majestically above the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, creating a breathtaking natural spectacle. Corsica is renowned for its spectacular landscapes, and the Calanques of Piana are undoubtedly one of the most impressive.

But Piana is not only famous for its natural landscapes. The village itself is a delight for the eyes. With its red-tiled roof houses, narrow winding alleys, and the majestic Sainte-Marie church dominating the landscape, Piana reflects the authenticity and charm of Corsica. Strolling through the village, you can smell the scent of wildflowers and hear the gentle buzzing of bees, adding to the peaceful and bucolic atmosphere of the place.

Furthermore, Piana is also an ideal starting point for discovering Corsica and its treasures. The village is close to the Corsica Regional Natural Park, a true paradise for nature lovers with its hiking trails, mountain lakes, and diverse flora and fauna. For culture enthusiasts, the village of Ota, with its stone houses and picturesque alleys, is a short drive away.

If you are looking for a place that combines both the natural beauty and the authentic charm of Corsica, look no further than the village of Piana. Whether you are a nature lover, a history enthusiast, or simply looking for a peaceful place to relax, Piana has something to offer everyone. Come and discover this gem of Corsica; you won’t be disappointed.