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Frequently asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

1) What are the Corsican campsites by the sea ?
> The Corsican campsites by the sea are; A Stella, Bella Vista, Merendella.

2) Which campsites have 4 stars in Haute-Corse ?
> In Haute-Corse, Camping Merendella has been classified 4 stars since its opening

3) Which campsites have 4 stars in Southern Corsica ?
> The following campsites are classified 4 stars in South Corsica Les Oliviers, U Prunelli

4) What are the best campsites in Corsica that allow animals ?
> Pets are allowed at the following establishments; Torraccia, Paradella, Cavallo Morto, Merendella.

5) How many campsites in Corsica have an ecological or quality label ?
> Concerned about the environment, these establishments have the European Ecolabel label: Les Oliviers, Merendella, Torraccia.

6) Which campsites in Corsica have a water park ?
> Make the most of your vacation and their water park: Torraccia, Merendella.

7) Which campsites in Corsica have high-end accommodation ?
> Camping yes, but in comfortable, high-end accommodation: Merendella.

8) Which campsites in Corsica are approved for Vacaf aid ?
> Holidays for everyone, these establishments are Vacaf approved: Paradella, Merendella.

9) Which campsites have children’s clubs ?
> Entertainment for everyone, even for children: Santa Lucia, Merendella.

10) What are the specialized PMR campsites ?
> Access for all, take advantage of our facilities designed for people with disabilities: Santa Lucia, Isulottu, Les Oliviers, Merendella.

11) Which campsites have entertainment ?
> A stay in these establishments, for sure, you will not be bored: Paradella, Merendella, Isulottu, Torraccia, Les Oliviers, Santa Lucia.

12) Where to find a family campsite in Corsica ?
> Holidays with a family atmosphere, find all our partner campsites: Haute-Corse and Southern Corsica.

13) Which campsites have restaurants ?
In these campsites you can enjoy an on-site restaurant: Les Oliviers, Merendella, Isulottu, Cavallo Morto.

14) Which campsites offer vehicle rentals ?
> Enjoy a peaceful stay and rent your vehicle with your stay: Merendella.