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Discover Haute Corsica, wild beauty in its purest form

By : February 12th, 2024 Corsica 0 Comments

Express tour of Upper Corsica

At the heart of the Mediterranean, Haute Corsica is a land of contrasts, where the azure of the waters mixes with the green of the mountains and the white of the sandy beaches. Discovering Haute Corsica is like diving into an open-air history book, it is abandoning yourself to the exuberance of nature and it is succumbing to the charms of the island art of living.

Bastia the capital

Bastia, the beautiful city in the north of Upper Corsica, is the ideal starting point for your exploration. Stroll through the narrow streets of the old town, marked by the discreet charm of colorful houses. The old port, a real postcard, offers a unique atmosphere where the sweetness of life reigns supreme. Don’t forget to visit St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Citadel, which offer stunning views of the city and the sea.

In the fascinating panorama of Upper Corsica, the Citadel of Bastia occupies a special place. This impressive fortress, which overlooks the city, is a must-see for any visit to Bastia.

The Bastia Museum, located in the heart of the Citadel, offers a journey back in time to discover the rich and complex history of Bastia and Corsica. Each room in the museum is a chapter in a captivating story, told through artifacts, paintings and period documents.

As you stroll through the Citadel grounds, you will also discover architectural treasures, such as the Sainte-Marie and Saint-Jean-Baptiste churches. These religious buildings, with their imposing facades, are true masterpieces of Baroque architecture.

Your exploration of the Citadel of Bastia would not be complete without a gastronomic stop in one of the many restaurants that populate this historic district. From traditional Corsican cuisine to more contemporary creations, these establishments offer an unforgettable culinary experience.

For a luxury experience, the Hôtel des Gouverneurs, nestled in the heart of the Citadel, offers spectacular views of the city and the sea. This boutique hotel, with its blend of modern design and traditional touches, is the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring.

The Citadel of Bastia, with its historical, cultural and gastronomic wealth, is a true jewel of Upper Corsica not to be missed.

Calvi the pearl of Haute Corsica

Then, head towards Calvi, this magnificent seaside town in Upper Corsica. Dominated by its majestic citadel, Calvi offers a marvelous fine sand beach and a sea with crystal clear waters. History lovers will also be seduced by a visit to the historic district, where Calvi’s past is revealed on every street corner.

Calvi beach is a true paradise for lovers of the sea and the sun. Its turquoise waters and fine sand stretch for nearly 5 kilometers, providing a spectacular setting for a relaxing day.

Backed by a majestic pine forest, the beach offers a haven of freshness, a perfect place for a picnic in the shade or to take a nap under the soothing song of the cicadas. Tall maritime pines provide welcome shade during the hottest hours of the day.

For those who prefer more dynamic activities, Calvi beach is also a hotspot for water sports. Whether you’re a paddleboarder, kayaker or jet-skier, you’ll find plenty of options for fun on the water.

The beauty of the site is breathtaking, with the citadel of Calvi standing proudly in the background and the mountains of Haute Corsica emerging on the horizon. Calvi beachis more than just a swimming spot; it is a true natural spectacle that enchants all those who are lucky enough to visit it.

Île Rousse entrance to Balagne

Further east, Île Rousse, with its beautiful beaches and its covered market, is an unmissable stop. The old town, with its cobbled streets and pastel-colored houses, is a real gem. The Pietra lighthouse, on the islet of the same name, offers a panoramic view of the town and the coast of Upper Corsica.

Saint Florent Porte du Cap Corsica

Saint Florent, for its part, is a true jewel of Haute Corsica. This small port town, nestled at the bottom of the Gulf of Saint Florent, is surrounded by renowned vineyards and offers a spectacular view of the Agriates desert. Wine lovers will enjoy tasting local wines, such as Patrimonio.

Start your exploration of Saint Florent with the Plage de la Roya, an earthly paradise that welcomes you with crystal clear waters and fine sand. No keyword “Haute-Corse” would be complete without mentioning this gem, one of the most popular beaches on the island.

From the beach, move towards the port of Saint Florent, a lively and lively place. It offers breathtaking views of the pleasure boats and luxury yachts that populate the seascape.

Don’t forget to venture out on the Sentier des Douaniers, which will allow you to admire the wild coastline while enjoying a relaxing hike. The path is dotted with panoramic views, with soaring cliffs and secluded beaches being the main attractions.

Then treat yourself to a getaway to Saleccia Beach, a place of incomparable natural beauty. With its white sand and turquoise waters, this beach is a little corner of paradise not to be missed in Haute-Corse.

Corte, historic capital of Corsica

End your trip to Haute Corse with a visit to Corte, in the heart of the island. This historic town, surrounded by mountains, is a true natural setting. Don’t miss visiting the Citadel of Corte, perched on a rocky promontory, and exploring the Restonica valley, one of the most beautiful natural sites in Upper Corsica.

Haute Corsica is all of this: towns steeped in history, breathtaking landscapes, rich and varied gastronomy, and an incomparable art of living. So, if you are wondering “Haute Corse, what to do?” or “Upper Corsica where to go? » , the answer is simple: simply let yourself be carried away by the beauty of this exceptional land.